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Rules Reminder

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• Balcony Floors/Surface: Floor coverings such as rugs, mat’s, or astro-turf, can harm the surface of the balconies as moisture and water can be trapped underneath the covering. Only welcome mats of a reasonable size and of an open weave are allowed and these must be relocated periodically. Residents are expressly responsible for the damage caused to the balcony or hallway surfaces.
• Lockboxes: Unless your unit is currently for sale or lease, please be advised that all lockboxes will be removed by Management. Lockboxes can only be placed on the lockbox bar at buildings 3877 and 3887. Building 3857 does not have a location for lockboxes.
• Parking: Parking in guest spaces is limited to 48 hours or vehicle is subject to towing. No residents shall use the guest parking spaces for their automobiles.
• EV Parking: EV parking is available only to residents owning an EV. Please review the rules and be considerate to fellow EV owners.
• BBQ Area: Please follow all posted BBQ rules to ensure this amenity is well maintained for all of residents to use.
• Moving or Have a Furniture Delivery? Contact the HOA office for a Moving/ Furniture Delivery Requirements Form.
• Lock your vehicles: For your protection, please be sure to lock your vehicles when parked on the property and in the garages.
• Bicycles: All bicycles in the garage require a permit. Any bicycles found without a permit will be removed and donated to charity.
• Stairwell doors: It has been discovered that the stairwell doors that exit into the dog run, are often being propped open with rocks & debris. Please be advised that the stairwell doors are to remain closed at all times. Propping the door open is prohibited for any amount of time as it raises the risk of trespassers and lowers the efficiency and effectiveness of the building’s security gates and cameras. It takes the vigilant observation and prompt action of Owners & Residents to prevent accidents and unauthorized access.
• Storage on Patios and Balconies: No Owner or Resident shall use any Exclusive Use Patio Area or Exclusive Use Balcony Area for storage purposes, including, without limitation, the storage of Shoes, Rubbish, Bicycles, Surfboard’s, or other sports equipment. Please refrain from storing rugs, carpets, or turf mats, on your balcony as they hold water & humidity and cause surface deterioration.
• Owners/New Tenant(s): Please ensure you and/or your tenant is aware of the noise that can travel to other units. After 10:00pm, all volume must be significantly reduced as to not disturb other residents. Please ensure you and/or your tenant have a copy of the Rules and Regulations.
• Rules and Regulations: If you need a copy of these as a reminder, please contact your Association’s General Manager, Gennaro Esposito, at Manager@PellPlaceHOA.com. Better to review now and save yourself from warnings in the future.

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